The Medici family might not have the decadent drama of the Borgias, but they were a family that took center stage in the story of the formation of the modern Western world, from helping bring the wisdom of the ancient Greeks to western Europe to trying to quell the Protestant Reformation to sponsoring and then trying to help shut up Galileo. This podcast looks at the story of the Medici and that of the fractured, tumultuous Italy they carved out a place in. Join us to see how a clan of middle-class bankers would up joining the ranks of European royalty and leaving a mark on the world.

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The Medici podcast is hosted by Chad Denton. He received his PhD from the University of Missouri and specialized in 17th-18th century French history, but found himself drifting over to northern Italy.

The podcast’s theme music is “La Disperata”, composed by Vincenzo Ruffo (ca. 1510-1587) and performed by Jon Sayles.